zondag 28 februari 2010

Robocop (1987) – Promoting the Militarization of Police

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Anoniem zei

This is one of Ozzybinoswald aka Thomson's favorite blogs.

Ozzy is a sleazy guy who worked close to Craig "Killtown" Lazo spreading lies about Mark Humphrey being the Harley Guy and other crap online, including a unhealthy interest in scantily clad under-aged girls. Famous quote from "Killtown" Lazo:

"ER, I not a big fan at all of using porn to get more hits for TV fakery, but where is your evidence that it is/has discredited the movement?

Ozzy also was part of Ghost Troop, a group of fringe nutters, one of which shot up the Holocaust Museum.

Why are you getting this message? Because conspiracy scammers don't get to get away with it. Neither Craig Lazo or Mr. Thomson will delete their lies, so everyone gets to know about them.

Have a nice day!

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