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Survivors (2008) - Episode 3


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Episode 3/6. Abby discovers a community that could hold the key to everyone's future, but at what cost?
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The remnant of the government, headed by a Black lady named Samantha Willis, live in a self-sufficient type of commune having the rare luxury of electricity.


Mysterious and intrusive black helicopters appear for the first time.


(TS 19:00)
The compound which is used to house the remnant of the government turns out to be a eco-center, which comes equipped with solar panels to generate electricity and possesses its own life-stock as a source for food. To the satisfaction of Abbey, Samantha reaffirms what she had said to the group earlier, that survival is possible but only by working together.


(TS 21:00)
While referring to the destructive viral epidemic causing the death of more than 99% of Britain's population, the lead scientist operating in the mysterious supra-governmental organisation, insists on serving as the human guinea pig for a freshly developed vaccine, as he confesses to be:
"responsible... for everything."

Since the news of a new vaccine is met with celebration, again it is suggested to the viewer that vaccines are a trustworthy remedial answer to viral epidemics.


(TS 47:00)
Food robbers intruding on the eco-center are dealt with swiftly through a make-shift "justice" court. Although one of the two food robbers is pardoned, the viewer is made aware of the emergence of military tribunal systems that ruthlessly and swiftly deal with breakers of the law.

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