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Survivors (2008) - Episode 2


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Episode 2/6. Abby meets a gang of armed thugs who have laid claim to the supermarkets in the area.
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(TS 04:30)
While looking for food the group clashes with a hostile other group of survivors. Rather than seeking to cooperate with each other, which, in light of maximizing survivability would be the most rational and beneficial thing for any group to do, the hostile group acts to bully and terrorize the group. The viewer is led to believe that it is not wise to trust other groups than one's own. This peculiar theme of, let's say, desirable social restriction was also present in the movie, the Happening, where small enough groups were able to survive while larger groups succumbed to the mysterious but not less lethal "wrath of nature."


(TS 06:30)
The moral degeneracy of the hostile group is confirmed when a scene depicts them as shooting up bottles of champagne seemingly for the sheer fun of it. What a wretched and egoistical bunch, those fellow survivors are! Or so the viewer is led to believe.


(TS 17:00)
The hostility of the hostile group is emphasized when the leader proves himself to have streaks of psychopathy when he terrorizes Abbey by putting a gun to her head. In all fairness though, the character Tom Price also shows traits of psychopathy but since he is part of, and sympathetic to, the group he is less of an immediate threat and thus does not weigh as heavy on the consciousness of the viewer as does the hostile psycho.


(TS 56:00)
"Our work's too important, we cannot take that chance..."

...says the the guy on the right to the guy on the left of the above picture when they respond to the detection of an intruder in the facility they reside in and that amazingly still operates on electricity. Their willingness and ability to deal with the intruder the way it is suggested is that there is great authority associated with the people residing in that compound. Since regular government has basically collapsed and has been thrown back into the stone age, the viewer may be urged to think that one is dealing with an organisation that not only is external, but even transcendental, to regular government, a supra-governmental structure if you will.

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