dinsdag 21 oktober 2008

Vyzygoth Interviews Phillip and Paul Collins - Invoking the Beyond 1 of 3


Invoking the Beyond is a 7 part radio interview series of the Collins Brothers (Paul and Phillip) being interviewed by Vyzygoth on predictive programming in culture. Done in 2007.

I have added relevant pictures to the interviews and condensed them into a three part video series. This is part 1of3.

Topics include: X-Files, Science Fiction and Predictive Programming, Star Trek, Nazi Germany, Dadaism, Nazi Art, Richard Wagner, The Da Vinci Code, The French Revolution, The Illuminati, Napoleon, James Burnham, More Science Fiction, Star Wars, HG Wells - War of the Worlds, Bertrand Russell, Pax Britannica, Social Darwinism, RIIA and CFR, Klingons, Arnold Toynbee, HG Wells - The Time Machine, More Nazism, NeoCons, Brzezinksi, Skull and Bones, Nicola Tesla

If you are interested in obtaining the video in crisp quality then you could do so through downloading the corresponding bittorrent file, obtainable here.


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